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Odotrack protects and maximizes your deductions. A simple and easy solution, which goes the distance.

The ideal tax tool for automatically logging all your business mileage, just plug it in, press a button and go.

Simple and easy, Odotrack is a continuous service for your peace of mind.

No manual transfers, everything is 100% automatic!

Focus on what you do best for your business. Forget recording logs manually or semi manually and let Odotrack automatically work for you.

Keep tabs on your motor vehicle fleet.

Odotrack is the easiest and most cost effective way for your fleet management. Track online in real time, keep all trip logs and activities of your vehicle fleet and more...

Perfect solution for taxable benefits calculation or mileage reimbursement management.

Access your travels reports on your smartphone.

OdoMobile allows Odotrack users to access their account through their smartphone.

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